A Walk in the Woods

Lilly snuffles around the leaf mulch, flicking the decaying vegetation into the air, and then scrabbling amongst the soil, digging a little hole. Distracted by a sound, maybe a bird flitting through the low branches of the trees, she turns away and sits on the path to wait patiently for the sluggardly people that make up her pack. As they get nearer she jumps up and bounds towards them, they shower her with praise and pat and stroke her, giving her little bits of biscuit. Then she is off, racing up the path only to stop suddenly as some new scent attracts her.

“Look at her racing about, she is a very happy puppy.” I nod my agreement to Mrs BW, my thoughts temporarily distracted away from the turmoil of yesterday. “Yes she’s very happy. It will be good when we can let her off the lead though.”

As if on queue the lead tugs her to a halt and I am pulled forward slightly. Lilly sits down again on the path to wait. Mrs BW calls her and she comes, ears flapping, legs scrabbling to get a purchase on the soil. She arrives a bundle of tail wagging tongue lolling joy,to lick the hands that stroke her and to be smoothed and reassured as to what a good puppy she is.

I smile. Yesterday can wait.

4 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods

  1. Kim – lost the will to post at the moment. Thanks for keeping on dropping by. Will get my act together shortly.Katherine – The Weasel went awol. I know it happens with 16 year old daughters, and she was safe and with people that are okay. But when we thought we had built up a bit of trust between us. Its all okay now (till the next time) Thanks for dropping by and asking.

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