After a few weeks struggling with bloggers block and having too much to do at work, I thought I better post a bit of an update.

All is well in the Goyt. The curlews have settled in and are nesting, though there appear to be less this year. The short eared owls have been displaying and hunting, and the ducks are back on the pond, so soon there should be duckings.

Lilly is growing. Having chewed and eaten the kitchen and half my wardrobe she is now casting longing and hungry eyes on our collection of books. She is teething at the moment and finds temporary relief sucking and biting on ice cubes. I felt a bit sorry for her this evening though. I gave a nice big chunk of ice which she carried out to the garden and carefully buried. Of course a few minutes later when she went to dig it up it was gone. This confused her for a bit, but undaunted she dug several test pits just top make sure that she had got the right place. I wonder if Mrs BW will notice?

We miss Moonshine. It seems strange not to hear him on his wheel. The Munch is thinking of getting another hamster but I am not sure its a good idea.

The Weasel is hard at work not revising for her GCSE’s. “I’ll start tomorrow” is her constant refrain. Best not to say anything and hope that she is secretly revising in between episodes of Holyoaks or whatever she watches.

I still have not been for my medical. I know it makes sense but………….

More later.

5 thoughts on “Update

  1. Mrs BT chewed ice when she was expecting. Never saw her burying it in the garden though.Glad I’m not the only one finding it difficult to keep up with a blog.

  2. BT – Maybe she put marmite on the cubes to spice it up? Actually that might work for the dog.Jennyta – You have not heard the latest escapade that Weasel has got upto! Have a good one yourself. I think I shall sleep for a couple of days.

  3. I have a weaselette – she is now at the Poly and also, having now reached 18, is hard at work clubbing and partying…. possibly doing her assignments on one of those high stools at a bar? Hmm, I think not. Make that appointment.

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