Rain Glorious Rain

I do like the rain. Waking this morning, it was good to lie in bed listening to the rain lashing against the window pane as the wind rattled away trying to find a way in. I find it strangely reassuring, I don’t know why. I feel safer listening to the rain. And its a good job really, because we have had 60mm so far today, and quite a few of the side roads are a little bit treacherous. I have had to go to quite a few events recently, and staring out of the window as someone drones on and on about some dull and boring topic, it has been comforting to watch the dark clouds scudding across the sky, spilling their rain in great sheets. I even saw some sleet this morning as I splashed my way to Bakewell. Autumn is here, the leaves are turning and falling and winter is nudging along behind. I can hear a song on the wind already.

3 thoughts on “Rain Glorious Rain

  1. I don’t like drizzle or light rain, that stuff that your gran said was “wet” rain – if it’s going to pour, let it be thunderous and apocalyptic and let me be under shelter or at least well wrapped up against it.

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