The Goyt on a Sunday Evening

Late on Sunday afternoon, as the black dog settled on my shoulders and I realised that yet again I had not done all the things I had put off during the week to do on Sunday, I knew I had to escape for an hour or so to the Goyt. Mrs BW suggested that we went almost at the same time as I thought it. I guess that’s married life for you. Neither of the teenagers wanted to come so we left them focused on some trivia on the tele and drove the couple of miles to Goyt Lane car park. It was empty, which surprised me but I was not going to complain. The pond was still. No movement not even a ripple.

We walked a little way along the railway track. Mrs BW had expressed a desire to sit on the bench that over looks Wildmoorstone. It is one of the best benches in the Peak District.

I have have posted the view many times before, but it never gets dull or fails to clear away all the accumulated rubbish that builds up in my head. Sadly the feeling of peace and calm that comes over me is lost as I drive away. It is a magic place but its magic does not travel.
So we just sat and listened to the Grouse grumbling in the long dying grass.
Walking back to the car we watched the light fade and felt a slight autumnal chill. I love the way that the seasons drift in. Already despite the “Indian Summer” the light has changed and some of the trees are begining to drop their leaves. I can smell the wood smoke from the first fires of autumn.

8 thoughts on “The Goyt on a Sunday Evening

  1. I can’t believe how quickly Autumn has arrived this week, despite the warmer weather. Yesterday I drove to work in the dark and was coming back from my evening walk in the twilight. Another couple of weeks and I’ll only see daylight through the office window. Bah!

  2. Rol – That is the down side of course. But you don’t work at weekends do you?kaz – It must be very subtle then. Kim – He doesn’t want to roam, he just likes to sit there suffocating me. I find I have to walk away from him but that’s difficult as he seems to induce a sort of physical and spiritual paralysis.

  3. Things to temporarily throw off the black dog:SunshineIce creamHot ChocolateAny number of fatty sweet food stuffs now I come to think of it…AlcoholDrugsSexGamblingShoppingSelf harmViolence towards othersPersonally the hangovers I get from alcohol outweigh any enjoyment, but I can recommend the rest.Be warned however, with the exception of the one at the top of the list, all the others increase the size of the black dog when he comes back

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