Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Morning

We woke to a couple of inches of snow on Easter Sunday. Snow fall has a magic effect on the teenagers. They are transformed from lazy,idle “stop in beds” and actually get up before midday. Breakfast was a rushed affair, the sledges were dusted off from the garage and we set off for a walk. Whilst the kinder took their sledges up to Temple Fields, Mrs BW and I went to Grinlow Woods.

All sorts of images spring to mind when I walk these woods in the snow. Robert Frost’s poem of course, but mainly I think of the Wild Wood and the Mole getting lost in the snow.

He gets found by the Rat and they spend a comfortable night at Mr Badger’s place before going onto Mr Toad’s to meddle and interfere in his affairs. The woods are usually full of bird song and today is no exception. Up in the higher part of the canopy Great Tits and Blue Tits call to their respective mates, whilst on the ground a wren flits about in its constant search for food.

A dog called Ben, we’d met him and his owner earlier, catches up with us and offers us his stick. He wants us to throw it for him and tempting though it is, we resist and eventually he dashes of back down the path to check that his owner is okay.

After a while we emerge from the woods and the slightly claustrophobic feel. The views are worth the effort, especially in the snow.

We stroll up to the folly known as Solomon’s Temple and stopping briefly to look at the town spread out below, and of course to spot our house, we head off back down through the woods. We meet up with the Munch and the Weasel at the Cafe at Poole’s Cavern and after hot chocolate topped with cream and apple pie head off for home. There is a brief moment of panic when Mrs BW cannot find the keys to the front door. We search through pockets and bags and find nothing. ” I suppose you locked the door” I say and just as Mrs BW is about to protest at the unfairness of the accusation, I try the handle. The door opens and the key is there safe in the lock on the inside. I say nothing, and suggest that I will make lunch.

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