Dam, Dam, Dam.

Just as I was feeling better, now that January has gone, just as I was feeling like posting a little something on the blog, it has to go and bloody snow, so now the rugby tomorrow is touch and go.

We had a “super” saturday lined up. At 2.30pm Buxton Thirds take on Alwinians Seventh team in the mud and filth that passes for our pitch up at the inappropriately named Sunnyfields, and then after a quick shower upto the bar to watch the English take on the might of……the Ospreys masquaranding as the Welsh nation. No matter, beers and more beers and then into town for more beers before finally staggering home, clutching a takeaway and trying to convince Mrs BW that I have only had a few and I am not pished, its just the way I look. Spare room and a hangover for Sunday morning. Perfect.

But now its gone and snowed and it will freeze and the rugby, our rugby is in the balance. Bugger!

4 thoughts on “Dam, Dam, Dam.

  1. Hey Mr Birdwatcher, I’ve just seen that you’re interested in entering the Windsor Davies debate (which has been exciting me perhaps over-much) on No Good Boyo. A birdwatcher who loves both the Sex Pistols and Messian, I take my hat off to you and feel a kinship that you can probably only guess at. I hope the weather clears up and that you get your rugby today.

  2. Didn’t get a lot better, did it? Hope the beer and takeaway etc all fell into place otherwise it adds up to a grim Saturday.Spare a thought for Westray RFC – yet to stage a home game this season.

  3. Gadjodilo – welcome to the Goyt. No the bloddy weather did relent, and then I had to go and realy ruin my afternoon watching England do a very good impression of a bunch of incompetent Morris Dancers. Kim – Yes excellent suggestion, I’ll put it to the committee.Malc – No it was a total disaster. The only saving grace was that our Welsh friends with who we were due to go out on Saturday cried off a couple of days before. TFFT.

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