The Law is an Ass

I think I heard this right. A mother has been sentenced to two weeks in prison because her teenage daughter refuses to go to school. The judge felt it would act as a warning to other families and encourage their teenagers to attend classes a little more often.

He obviously has not got children or they are not teenagers yet. So any self respecting teenager now has the perfect weapon to use against mum and dad. “If you don’t let me do what I want then I will stop attending school and you will go to prison! Ha I think I’ve got you there.”

Who thought that little law up? And more importantly what were they thinking of at the time?

I can’t help thinking that “Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad”.

4 thoughts on “The Law is an Ass

  1. wow – that is a doozie. I look at it this way, the folks making those laws are the same ones driving around like numbskulls on the roads every day. Suddenly it all becomes clear.

  2. came to your blog via Malc. Know the Whaley Bridge to Buxton road – you are right, it is a great one.Happily my teenagers as was would not have dared to try your cunning wheeze.

  3. actually, speaking as mother of The Teen, if he was off school for two weeks for whatever reason, I think a small cell with no cooking or cleaning requirements (but a little light exercise in the yard once a day, and plenty of time for shut-eye, and perhaps an unlimited supply of sudoku puzzles) would provide me with some refuge. . .and after two weeks without me around he’d be fed up of cheese toasties (he’s not a very adventurous cook), would have run out of clean underwear and loo roll, the heating would have broken and he wouldn’t know how to fix it and he hates cold showers, he’d have no pocket money so his social life would have been curbed. . .sounds an excellent plan all roundwhere do I sign up?;-)

  4. Fiwa – thats a very scary thought. Haven’t forgotten about the seven things just haven’t got round to it yet.ElizabethM – Hello and welcome. Its a little classic. I quite often go over the Snake pass and the Cat Fiddle and though they are on a larger scale they don’t seem to have the same feel to them.Glad you have civilised teenagers. (Is that possible?)ILTV – Well if you put it that way I suppose. But I guess its different for girls?

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