The Open Road

I had to go to Whaley Bridge today, and I have to say that though I like Whaley what I really look forward to is the drive back. The A 5004 “Long Hill” is in my humble view one of the best roads in Derbyshire, especially if you go from Whaley to Buxton. This afternoon it was special. It was just getting dark, the sky was grey and overcast and the clouds low and menacing. To your right the valley falls away towards the dark strip of water that is Fernlee Resevoir. The water is dark and looks deep and dangerous. Today it reflected the oranges and browns of the woods that lie on the other side of the valley. To the right the hillside climbs steeply above the road. As you get nearer to Buxton and the road gains height, the hillside becomes streaked with snow and looks bleak and forbidding. This is a miniature mountain road. It sweeps and curves its way with a few little straights that allow the impatient motorist to overtake and allow the idlers and “captain slows” such as me to poodle along admiring the view. This afternoon the weather was perfect. The low clouds hanging over the hill tops made them seem higher and wilder than they really are. I wished I had a camera but even then I don’t think I would have done it justice, sometimes you just have to be there.

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