Winter Wonderland?

We had the first snowfall of the winter today (actually its still snowing). It had been forecast, which I guess makes it all the more remarkable that it actually snowed!

I could tell by the light seeping through the curtains that it had snowed when I woke this morning, that and the fact that both the Munch and the Weasel were excitedly shouting out that “its snowing, mum, dad its snowing!”.

The Munch has kept his fingers crossed all day that the school bus will be cancelled tomorrow morning. Unfortunately for him we have not had enough to close the schools, even with the over zealous health and safety regimes that most schools seem to operate under. But I guess he can but hope.

10 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland?

  1. Oh man, I think I’m jealous! I always want it to snow until it does, and then I freak out when I have to drive in it. Maybe you’ll get more overnight and THEN school will be closed.

  2. Snow just doesn’t seem to happen in Glasgow. Too warm and wet on the west coast. Hoping for a little this winter, if only for photographic purposes.

  3. Fiwa – Snow is wonderful if you are standing in a warm room preferably clutching a glass of malt looking out of the window as it piles higher and higher. Going out in it, in a car is not so good. Sadly for the Munch it has turned to sleet and now rain and he had to go to School. But there will be other days I told him.Reg – Yes I remember those good old West Contry winters when we were snowed in for weeks on end and school became a dim and distant memory. (If only!)Ill man – Did Glasgow get quite a heavy fall last winter? What you lack in snowfall you make up by living in a vibrant cultural city.

  4. Make the most of the snow. About ten years ago, during a particularly heavy fall on the Shropshire borders, the Boy and myself reckoned I had half a chance at the British Olympic Luge team, failing that the Irish team. Sadly they don’t do the suits in XXXL.

  5. I love snowy days! lucky youand I really really like that weird thing that snow does to the light as it seeps in thru the bedroom curtains (and the way it muffles the sounds from outside)

  6. Malc – Ah the joys of XXXl sledging. Last winter I was sledging down a very steep bit and hit a rock and got airborn before crashing back to earth. The Munch was in serious danger of rupturing something he laughted so much.Bless him.ILTV – yes you know instantly that it has snowed. There is something magic about it. I have to leap out of bed like an excited kid on Christmas morning.Fiwa – I have the nerve yes, but I will not pass the tag on. Does that make me a spoil sport?

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