Remarkable Water

If you read the advertising on the back of a bottle of Buxton mineral water it boasts about the 5000 year journey the water has made since it fell as rain on the Limestone plateau, to be filtered by gritstone, shale, and more limestone before finally emerging in the bottling plant in Buxton to be put in bottles for our pleasure. It is a remarkable story because the water goes off after 5001 years. I know this because I bought a bottle that said consume before Nov 2008. Quite extraordinary when you think about it. Its just a race against time.

6 thoughts on “Remarkable Water

  1. Ahh! The whiff of marketing bullshit. Always a treat on a Sunday morning. Orkney Brewery proudly proclaim their beers to have been ‘5,000 years in the making’ along with moody pictures of stone circles, blood-crazed Vikings and such-like. Same PR firm?

  2. Reg – Might well do that. Malc – some of the beers in Buxton taste like they are five thousand years old. PR, what a f*****g pointless occupation.Fiwa – Very good :-)Illman – Thought Viz had folded? A recent survey i read said that most people thought tap water tasted better.ILTV – I used to like water from our Bathroom until I found a dead pidgeon in the water tank. You are a lady of expensive taste. Mrs BW would choose San Pellgrino if she was allowed, and she ahs very expensive tastes.

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