I’m an Idiot!

I decided that it was time I had a new radio. There is nothing wrong with the old one by my bedside except that it is a bit limited being an analogue. I may have mentioned before that I often listen to the radio in bed and indeed dose off to sleep listening to the World Service. There is nothing wrong with Radio 4 or for that matter the World Service but BBC 7 has all those fantasic reruns of those old favourites such as the “Burkiss Way to dynamic living”, repeats of “I’m Sorry I haven’t a clue”, “Hancocks half hour”, “Kings Street Junior” (I used to fantise about Miss Lewis, pre Mrs BW days of course) need I go on? In fact I might have to go and have a lie down myself for a bit. Of course you can get it through Sky on the Television, but this means endless battles with the fledglings, which I always lose because they know how to override the remote. So I thought, I will treat my self to a digital radio. My life will be complete. I can go to bed early with a mug of cocoa, plug the ear phones in and bliss, drift off to all those old favourites, (the man in black that was a good one). So I bought one. I got it home and could hardly wait to get it out of its box and set up. Then I discovered a bit of a catch, a flaw as it were in my pursuit of this simple pleasure. We don’t do digital in Buxton. Its a bit of a digital blackhole. I searched the BBC website and could find no clues as to when digital will be coming my way. I know I should have checked. But I can be impulsive sometimes and I had got so excited about the thought of all those wonderful programmes. At least it gets FM and the reception is good and the earphones are of a better quality than my last ones that used to leak sound and keep Mrs BW awake. And I’ sure that by 2009 or 2010 I’ll be able to use it. I mean you have to look on the bright side, don’t you?

7 thoughts on “I’m an Idiot!

  1. Very much a man after my own tastes, BW. Dozing off to the world service brings the gentlest sleep of all and I love 7, even though it keeps me awake – Round the Horn etc are among the funniest things I have ever heard and I can’t sleep while laughing. Sorry about the new wireless. Still, you’ve got the water and the Goyt, we’ve got the digital thingies – I think you’ve done best out of the deal.

  2. I have a digital radio but I can’t tune it to the channel I want tothis is the same problem as I have with the car radiobut less of my problemsI’d like a teasemaid (you know, one of those things that makes your tea in the morning)(and I don’t mean Mrs BW) – any recommendations?

  3. I’m envious – I wish we got radio like that. Or maybe we do on XM, and I just don’t know it because I’m too cheap and too lazy to figure out the new technology.

  4. Reg – Round the Horn. Wonderful! Hello Cheeky was good as well. Your right of course but I should have checked. Still its something to look forward to.ILTV – It should tune itself. As for the Teasemaid, I am Mrs BW’s TM. I have just made her a flask of tea and bacon sandwiches for her train journey to Birmingham. I admit that I can be unreliable though.Fiwa – Our Radio is one of the good things about living on these islands. If ever you get a chance to listen to BBC 7 take it. XM sounds a bit scary?

  5. It’s funny stuff that digimagic – I bought a digital radio and for many of the same reasons as yourself. It works wonderfully, but only in the kitchen. This is not so good for going to sleep, but is good for listening to in the kitchen . . . I mean, you have to look at the bright side don’t you?

  6. ILTV – I surprised Mrs BW by washing out her flask without being asked. It rained and was very windy so my sort of day.Ziggi – I suppose I can listen to mine on the train to London next week, so I suppose that’s a bright side.Only slept in the kitchen once and would not recommend it. The cats appreciated it though. Something large soft and warm to snuggle into.

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