A retraction of Sorts

Having said that I found Top Gear irritating recently, I decided that it was only fair if I watched it this week to see if it had improved. I sat through an hour of the boys taking their second hand cars across various bits of Africa, occasionally patronising some Africans and taking some risks with some of the wildlife. It was actually very funny, though mainly because Clarkson and May both messed up and made mistakes and Hammond for once had the upper hand for most of the show. But I did so want Clarkson to be in the VW at the end *.

This means of course that either I am inconsistent in my views from day to day or I have managed to reverse the ageing process and am retreating from Mr Grumpy back to the carefree days of my Youth. I suspect that it is the former as the only things that are retreating at the moment is my hairline, and my liquidity. Never mind its Tuesday tomorrow.

* Apparently the boys all hate VW beetles and if their own cars failed to make it then they would have to drive the VW that followed them the whole way. I think there was a joke in there somewhere because the VW kept up with them and as far as one can tell didn’t get stuck, break down or float away in a river.

6 thoughts on “A retraction of Sorts

  1. Clarkson is a bit of an enigma. I met him (name dropper) in the days when he was starting out and he wrote a column for the paper. He is actually quite an affable, funny bloke – it’s just on screen that he goes all Yorkshire (apart from Have I Got News..when he was also quite entertaining and self depracating). I still think Top Gear is appalling boys with toys pap! Don’t worry though, you’re not losing it. It’s just that, apart obviously from El Diablo and Thatcher, no-one is 100 per cent pure evil.

  2. I have a theory that when they’re all together on a massive outdoor larking about session, they’re fairly entertaining. It’s the studio based stuff that makes me want to ingest my couch.

  3. what annoyed me was the way they smashed the windows and left shards of glass all over the placesomeone might have cut themselvessome friends and I played sh*g marry cliff with the boys from Top Gear, we almost made it into female Stig outfits and onto the show for our trouble(Hammond won)(if a man can win sh*g marry cliff)

  4. ILTV – Yes the glass thing was annoying but I took comfort in the fact that had all that back up and support that probably did it for them. Sh*g marry cliff? Sounds interesting what is it? (We live a sheltered life up here you see)

  5. you sit down with a bunch of mates and select some potential mates of the opposite sex and then decide, if you had the choice, would you sh*g or marry them, or push them over a cliff. . .what is interesting is not so much the results, but the reasoning and what it reveals about your mates that until that moment you hadn’t quite appreciatedthe Top Gear production team was very interested and we swappped emails about it for a while, then my bunch of somewhat dusky but not in the least desperate maidens chickened out at the last minute (something to do with being seen – albeit anonymously – in body hugging leather on national TV, or was it the fact that the reasoning of those who had spouses of their own would be revealed. . .)wish I had a support team to clean up after me (not that I go about smashing windscreens, you understand)

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