Lost on a Thursday Afternoon

She was very clear on the phone. “Its no 12 High Street, you can’t miss it, its next to a telephone box.” Well that seemed simple enough. I decided I didn’t need a map, I knew where I was going, so off I went. I was going to see a client that has a design shop in a local market town in the Peak District. I arrived in the market town. Of course there were road works and it took me a little longer than I anticipated to get through. I parked up and strolled out into the market place. There was no 12 and sure enough there was the telephone box next to it. The only slight nagging doubt was that No 12 was a Mortgage brokers. There was nothing to indicate a penchant for design anywhere. Oh well I assumed that the design bit must be upstairs, so I strolled confidently into No 12. It took a while for someone to come and talk to me. I was a bit put out. No they had never heard of my client. Yes this was No 12, Yes I was in the right market town. I couldn’t understand it.

“I can’t understand it” I said. ” I am positive she said it was No 12 High Street.” The nice lady behind the counter smiled tolerantly at me. “Ah well you see that’s where you have gone wrong. This isn’t the high street” She told me where it was and I beat an embarrassed defeat.

I was sure I knew that little town like the back of my hand! Of course there just had to be two phone boxes both next to No 12 on different streets! Just goes to show you cannot rely on local landmarks.

3 thoughts on “Lost on a Thursday Afternoon

  1. What are the odds there would be two #12s by a phone? I probably would have gone off without a map too.Glad you like my new photo. I was a little tired of the other – and this is certainly different!

  2. I’ve been thrown before now by what I thought was the High street was in fact the Main street. Here in Castle Douglas the main high street is called King street. Diversity’s a great thing until you have to navigate

  3. high street, main street. . . what got me was the phone box! you have phone boxes?!?!?!?all ours have been removed and replaced with bizarre public lavatories with signs on saying “do not stay inside this public lavatory for more than 20 minutes” I wondered why . . .. . .apparently it’s so that people cannot sleep in them – after 20 minutes they automatically flush themselves out (which would be a little like being hosed down, I understand, if one were inside)being a girl I’ve never peeed in a phone box and I certainly wouldn’t lock myself into a tardis like loo, in full view of everyone, just in case I fell asleep on the job and emerged 20 minutes later dripping. . .but what I want to know is how you are supposed to make an emergency phone call if you don’t have a mobile?sorry, nothing to do with directions, and obviously in your neck of the woods one still can

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