And another thing!

What on earth possessed our dim witted bird brained council to install ticket machines that make you put your registration number in before you put your coins in to get your overpriced ticket so that you can leave your car in the measly car park and go shopping in what laughingly passes for a shopping centre? People cannot get it. I spend several frustrating minutes waiting behind a queue of people all feeding their coins into the machine BEFORE they had put their registration numbers in and looking askance when the coins came tumbling out. Can’t they read? It says in big red letters ENTER YOUR REGISTRATION NUMBER IN BEFORE YOU PUT YOUR COINS IN. And still people do it the other way round. Doesn’t the council realise that people are stupid and do not read instructions. Eventually when it was my turn I put my registration number in wrong. I did it deliberately. I am waiting for the day that some shiny trousered car parking Oberfuhrer gives me a ticket on the grounds that I have entered the wrong number, as they are entitled to do if you read the small print. Okay I had a bad day at work! But if they can install machines that require you to put in your registration number then they can install a machine that gives you change. And anyway if I have paid for two hours and only used an hour and I want to give the hour that I haven’t used to someone else I should be able to. Fascists!

5 thoughts on “And another thing!

  1. Yeah…why do they need your registration number anyway? That would make me nervous. I assume you get a ticket, if you’ve paid then all you should have to do is put the ticket on your dashboard. Amen to people being stupid. It’s almost comical to watch people try to follow directions, isn’t it?

  2. oh, that’s why – I was wondering what all the pavlova was aboutno, that’s a meringue, I think I mean palava. . .I just hate ticket machines FULL STOPand I hate – with a vengance – traffic wardens who turn up a mere TWO MINUTES after your ticket has expired and dish out a finethanks! just needed to get that off my chest!

  3. Inputting your reg number is a little bit 1984, isn’t it? What next? Blood samples at Tesco’s checkouts? A full retina scan at the library? Fascists indeed. Keep up the rants, BW – believe me, they’re good for you.

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