At a loose end

I realise I have not mentioned the Goyt for a while. Its still there. I know because I drive past it everyday and its very tempting to pop down Goyt Lane pull onto the car park and have a stroll. But now I’m management I can’t do that sort of thing. Well obviously I can’t. And of course I don’t. Anyway all the curlews have gone. So the Goyt is silent, waiting for spring and that first glorious liquid cry when they return. Which they will in about seven months from now. So only seven months of mist, fog, damp, cold, frost and who knows even snow to put up with. Good job I like autumn and winter. Its the variety you see. All those different shades of grey and different types of wet and damp.

Big day tomorrow, and then England play France in the Evening.

2 thoughts on “At a loose end

  1. Your curlews are a much finer way of marking the passing of the months than a calendar could ever be. I always sink a little inside when I see the geese flying south. Autumn does have great colours – the best, in fact – but I’m with you on winter. I used to be a big fan – too much Dickens, I’m afraid (what do you think of Dickens? I don’t know, I’ve never been to one) – but it never snows when it’s supposed to, you never do hear sleighbells and all you get instead is, as you so rightly described it, grey. Good luck with the jelly, party poppers and vomiting kids today. Allez Les Blancs!!

  2. But there are so many different shades of grey, and thickness of fog and all that damp to look forward to. Ah the party. Currently trying to negotiate a pass out to watch the game amongst civilised drunks as opposed to having to stay in surrounded as you so aptly put by “vomiting kids”Either way I am going to watch it.

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