This is Moonshine, the worlds most annoying hamster. At the moment he is annoying me. He and I are sharing what I rather grandly call the study. He is with me because Mrs BW has decided that the small ones need underlay under their carpets because it gets cold in the winter. I think she has gone soft. A bit of cold never did anyone any harm. I can remember when I was a lad waking up and scrapping the frost off the inside of the bedroom window and breaking the ice on the surface of the glass of water by the side of my bed. But this is now and that was then, and if Mrs BW says they need underlay whom am I to argue. (Its pointless anyway!) It means that all the furniture and stuff has had to be taken out of their rooms and loaded into the spare room, and Moonshine has been relocated (temporarily) to the “study”. At least its a chance to get their rooms cleaned. We thought about getting our friendly local archaeologist in to sift through the debris from the smallest BW’s floor.

Anyway round and round Moonshine goes on his wheel. He stops occasionally to peer at me through the bars just to see how much he is irritating me.

On a more positive note ,I noticed as I was washing up the breakfast things, a wren, a robin and a couple of blue tits. The Sparrows seem to have gone though. Odd!

6 thoughts on “Moonshine

  1. Awww…give moonshine a chance. Hamsters are quite funny, ours used to run and run on the wheel and then stop suddenly so that he could go all the way around a couple of times. I guess that’s the hamster version of a rollercoaster?

  2. Fiwa – he is an escape artist par excellence and fit. he can keep going round on his wheel all night. Thinking of rigging him up to some sort of electrical system. ILTV – HiSnow is what Buxton does best but GW is putting an end to that :(its already on the notice board!

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