The Wheels on the Bike go round and round…….

I suppose the man that invented the quick release mechanism for a bicycle wheel was rather pleased with himself when he thought of it. So pleased in fact that he forgot to invent a quick put it back on mechanism. I have just spent a frustrating hour trying to put my front bike wheel back on, (alone and without a leader I should add). I have read misleading instructions that purport to be in English, studied diagrams that bear no resemblance to the bits I have in front of me and done a lot of swearing and stomping about. Well its back on. Sort of. It makes a funny scraping sound when it goes round. But I guess the big test is tomorrow, when I take it out for a spin. Um!

5 thoughts on “The Wheels on the Bike go round and round…….

  1. Oh dear – the scraping sound… doesn’t that mean it’s rubbing against the brake? I sympathize – I never got the quick release thing either.Just wanted to say hi – I’m back from vacation. No new blog yet, but soon. Is summer over for you like it is for us? It’s coooold and rainy and the leaves are already turning colors.

  2. Doris – Mudguards are like wheels easy to get off but a b***er to put on. Don’t put it off! Do it today.Fiwa- Good to hear from you again. Hope your vacation was relaxing. Summer never really started to be honest, but I like the rain and the grey leaden skies.Yes it is the brake. But the instructions as to how to adjust it are in Japanese πŸ™‚

  3. There is something slightly embarrassing about wheeling a bike. I nhad to wheel mine past my local in the summer after the chain snapped. It was a lovley warm evening and there were a lot of people sitting outside. Oh you should have heard the sympathic comments.

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