Nothing is ever easy!

“You’re rear nearside stop light is out mate.”

I thanked my neighbour and inwardly cursed. Having had to admit defeat and take my bike tyre to the bike shop (Well actually I got Mrs BW to do it) it looked like I was going to suffer another blow to my manhood and have to take the car to the garage.

But we Bird watchers are made of sterner stuff! I was not going to be beaten by a bulb and a few screws. I went to our local garage and asked for a bulb for the rear stop light for my car. He disappeared into a back room and a few minutes later emerged clutching two bulbs and an explanation. He started explaining. So I switched off, surfacing as he uttered the words “So you see its very important that you get the right one.”

Well I mean its only a bulb, how difficult can it be?

2 thoughts on “Nothing is ever easy!

  1. “How difficult can it be?” I believe those were Rod Hull’s last words! Get a man in! It’ll end in tears, else. You’ll put your brakes on and while people are screaming at you that your light’s still out you will be able to listen to the radio which has mysteriously sparked into life – along with the windscreen wipers and heater.

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