Picnic in the Goyt

On saturday we decided to have a picnic in the Goyt. It was a little overcast, but warm with a gentle breeze. The fire that struck at the begining of the week on Wild Moor has left its mark and given the dry nature fo the ground I fear there will be more fires. It looks more like August after a hot spell than late April. We picnic’d in our usual spot. It is near a bridge over a small stream and the fledglings like to play in the stream and then climb up the steep hill opposite and roll back down! Are they Mad? We have a video of them and are considering whether to put it on U tube!

They really enjoy it though, despite the fact that they get dust and dry mud in their mouths.

I went for a walk after lunch and left everyone else scattered asleep on the rugs. I just happened to glance down at the stream and saw this Heron patiently waiting. A few minutes later it struck and got a fish for its troubles.

I like the way the dry stone walls are slowly collapsing, getting rid of the boundaries. Some of them though are major works of construction and must have taken a huge effort to build.

Hopefully we will get some rain soon, which will reduce the fire risk. It would be a shame if they have to close the Moors this early.

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