What Dad’s are good for.

I was having a few moments to myself, idly flicking through some blogs when down stairs it seemed as if World War Three had broken out. The catalyst for this chemical overreaction of raging teenage hormones was the youngest fledgling, a game of cards and unintentionally Mrs BW. The victim was our “foureen” year old daughter. Some shouting, stomping upstairs, a slamming bedroom door and a blood curdling scream signalled her response to the momentous injustice that had been perpetrated on her.

Mrs BW sought me out and outlined the details of what had gone on and I volunteered to enter the “Lions den” to try and calm her down a little, as we were planning to go out shortly.

With trepidation I knocked on the door.

“Go away” a snuffly voice snorted from within.

I pushed open the door and went in. (We Birdwatchers are fearless in the face of adversity!) The curtains were drawn and it was fairly dark, but through the gloom, I saw huddled in the corner the hunched and sniffling figure of our daughter. I risked the traps that litter her bedroom floor, discarded items of clothing, CD’s, bottles of perfume, schoolbooks etc and reaching the far side unscathed drew back the curtains. Natural wholesome light flooded in revealing a pale, tear stained and mascara streaked face. Quickly her hands went to her head.

“Go away Dad” she said.

“Now whats the matter then” I said in my best I maybe your dad but I am also your friend, voice.

“You don’t want to know the truth anyway and you won’t believe me as you always back him up and believe what he says anyway!” the him being the youngest fledgling, who no doubt was at this moment triumphantly smiling to himself over the mayhem that he had caused.

” Well why don’t you tell me what happened anyway” I said.

” Well I went downstairs to ask HIM if he wanted to play cards and I goes do you want to play cards and he goes yes alright what shall we play and I goes lets play that game that Mark taught us last night and he goes I can’t remember the rules and I goes well I’ll tell you so I started telling him and he kept on interrupting and pretending to get them wrong and I goes you’re pegging my head in you are and he goes ooh you stress head and throws the cards at me and then I shout DAD and mum comes in and she goes pick the cards up to me and I goes it wasn’t me that threw them it was him and she always backs him up anyway so I am not playing and I am not going into town with you or nothing.”

I was confused. I sought clarification on a number of points, but rather than ease the situation I seemed to make things worse. I left her and found Mrs BW and suggested that she had a word.

Five minutes later they both came down stairs, smiling and laughing. “Come on” said Mrs BW “lets get ready we are all going to go into town. Off you go and get your coats “this to the fledglings. When they had left she turned to me and said. “We would really like to show you that dress that we saw yesterday. It would be perfect for the wedding we are all going to in September. She really loves it and looks lovely in it. What do you think?”

I sighed, and made sure that my credit card was in my wallet. I was going to need it.

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