Sunday Afternoon in the Goyt

It was a glorious spring day. What better way to walk of the excesses off Sunday lunch than to take a stroll in the Goyt. Mrs BW declined. She said she needed a little bit of peace and quiet. So I took the fledglings. Amazingly they actually wanted to come with me. Even when I said the word Walk. This normally causes them to go pale, and to hide their walking boots. I found out why they wanted to come as soon as we pulled out of the drive. “Can we get some sweets dad, and a drink?”

We did not do a long walk. It was more of a stroll really. The fledglings ran on ahead. This left me to get on with the important business of clearing the clutter from my head. A Sky lark rose into the air and hung there. I heard then saw a curlew. The clutter began to disappear.

I caught up with them by the bridge, where in the summer we often take a picnic if the weather is good. We played a couple of games of “Whats the Time Mr Wolf”, but I was rubbish at catching them.

They wanted to roll down the steep slope opposite. This is fairly harmless thing to do. They get a lot of pleasure from it and they do look very funny, especially when they get to the bottom and try and stand up. We decided against it eventually.

On the way back the lapwings were out and about, and there were a couple of geese by the duck pond, but we had more important things to do. Like get home to watch Dr Who, which I had missed on Saturday night. “Its really good dad, you must watch it!”

Tomorrow I have get up early and go to Loughborough. It is the first exciting day under the new management, and they have arranged a “day” of “workshops” and opportunities to meet everyone. They will tell us how exciting the future will be. How wonderful the new technology will be. We will sit there and nod and smile. My heart won’t be in it though. It will be in the Goyt straining to hear the curlews.

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