Unwanted calls

My mobile phone rings. Before answering it I glance at the screen. It says “New Caller”. I answer it. I hear the dread words. My bank want to have a chat with me. Not now, they want to prolong the agony. They want to know if it will be convenient to make an appointment to call me next week. I hesitate trying to think of a reason why it won’t be. “It is really important that we have the opportunity to discuss your account. You are due an annual review”. So it will have to be convenient and I agree a time and a day. Apparently I have a new manager. My old one has retired or moved on somewhere. Shame! He was okay. He understood and seemed to have some sympathy with the eccentric and chaotic way my finances operate. Now I have to explain it to someone else. I have four days to think about it. Maybe I won’t take the call.

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