Winter has arrived…..

Winter must be here as fat balls have appeared on the branches of some of the bushes and trees and the coconut half, filled with seeds and fat, has blossomed again. The house sparrows have been queuing up in their usually polite and orderly way to take turns with one particular fat ball, which must be tastier than the others, whilst the blue tits are more selective in their tastes preferring to dine on peanuts. I do feel sorry for the Dunnocks though, as they are ground feeders they have to scratch around for the scraps that the sparrows and tits drop. They also run the risk of being harassed by our cats. Risk maybe a bit strong really. Irritated is perhaps more accurate. The cats have realised that there is no point in throwing themselves at birds anymore, as the birds have wings which gives them an unfair advantage. Its cold and wet outside anyway. Far better to stare at them from behind double glazed windows in the warm.

Sticking to the bird theme, on the way back from Derby on Thursday, I saw a large buzzard being mobbed by a small crow. The crow was persistent to the extent that it forced the buzzard to the ground. There they both sat a few feet apart. Unfortunately I had to concentrate on driving so I don’t know what the outcome was. It has always puzzled me that a large well-armed bird will tolerate the mobbing attentions of a much smaller bird and even on occasions giveway. I would have thought one decently aimed swipe from its talons or beak would have settled the matter.

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  1. You have a wide variety of birds! We mostly get house sparrows and chickadees. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to get a visiting blue bird or yellow finch.It’s winter here too, we just got our first snow last night.

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