Paranoia and an HTTP 500 Internal Server Error!

I can live with the fact that very few people (none!) read my idiot drivelling. I can just about accept that when I post something to someone else’s blog they may not want to reply. I get worried when I post something to someone’s blog and then minutes later find that his or her blog is no longer obtainable. The voices start up in my head when I find that all the blogs that I have been reading tonight are now unobtainable and I only get the message HTTP 500 Internal Server Error! Have I caused it? Is it my fault? If I have will anyone know?

OK so I do not understand the Internet! It is a big mystery to me, like the internal combustion engine, why people find most sitcoms funny and how George W Bush got elected, not once but twice! But when you’re on it, someone or some machine knows everything that you are doing. There are no secrets in cyberspace. “In cyberspace everyone can see your screen.” And it seems that somebody does not like me! (Only somebody singular?)

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  1. Blogger was having a few problems the other night. I kept getting the 500 error too.If you want people to read and leave comments, then it helps if you actually reply to any comments left :)Most people, when they’ve left a comment, will come back to see if you’ve replied to it (as I’m sure you do on other sites). If there’s never a reply, then there’s no motivation to come back and comment again is there?Cheers,Kim

  2. You see – it worked! I came back to see if you’d replied.Just because 50% of other people are rubbish at etiquette doesn’t mean you have to follow suit 🙂

  3. If the internet is a mystery to you, you certainly have done an excellent job with your blog. It’s very different from when you started it – I’m impressed with the number of changes you have made.PS – I’m guilty of not always replying to comments. Sorry, I will make a better effort.

  4. Thanks for your kind words. Its fun playing around with different things – even if I don’t understand what I am doing – and exciting when they work.Thanks for reading my blog anyway.Best WishesSimon

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