The fish and I spent sometime together this weekend. Whilst I aimlessly trawled the Internet for ideas and inspiration, they were swimming seemingly just as aimlessly round and round their tank, looking for stray bloodworms and occasionally picking their stones up and then dropping them again. I guess that they had more fun, and when they weren’t swimming round and round they were pressed up against the glass of the tank nearest to me watching what I was doing. Am I their entertainment? Do they look forward to me being there? Do they peer over my shoulder to see what I am looking at? The bloodworms that we feed them worry me though. They come in frozen blocks and look like coloured ice cubes. One day I am going to forgetfully drop one into a drink! I suppose it might catch on , after all you put a worm into a bottle of tequila, and there was the snail in a bottle of ginger beer, though come to think of it that was a landmark legal case. So how about dropping a frozen cube of bloodworms into your gin and tonic? A sort of “snack in a drink”. It would save a fortune in crisps and nibbles.

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