Where we are today.

Are our politicians really as incompetent as the facts ,as the evidence would have us believe? I find it hard to believe it of all of them.

Yes, perhaps of Handcock and Truss, spineless, grey politicians happy to spout the party line, to provide an endless diet of banality and poorly thought out policy, dressed in a camouflage of national interest, read political self interest for that one.

Trusses great contribution to political thinking was a speech on cheese I seem to recall that had even the tory faithful sweatily adjusting their ties and dabbing the fevered brow with a handkerchief.

But though bumbling and clearly unable to master his brief, Johnson has the look and feel of a man who knows that he is setting the British people up to take the blame for the failings this government have inflicted on us, making us the sick man of Europe, perhaps one of the top five sickest in the world, despite the protestations that everything we do is world beating and ahead of the rest of the pack.

Gove, Squealer to Johnsons rather inadequate Napoleon, hops from foot to foot and with each hop utters a contradictory squeal, before fixing you defiantly with the stare of a man who has made it perfectly normal to hold two contradictory thoughts together in his head.

But they have a plan, albeit one couched in darkness and designed around a fervent desire to avoid taking the blame.

All the words that they use, “As i have been told” The scientists tell me that” send signals to be picked up by future enquiries that it wasn’t the governments fault., it was the scientists, the experts, yes even the public who unable to exercise their common sense did the wrong thing. But what ever the evidence where ever the facts may lead the government are not to blame.

Oh I expect we will be offered the odd ministerial resignation, a sacrificial offering to the press, but the big beasts will emerge confused, slightly dazed but largely unharmed while the rest of us press our noses to the glass and wonder just what it is that we have done so terribly wrong.

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