When two plus two equals five

We live in a world when a candidate for the leadership of the Conservative party and the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is happy to say that a company going bust and three hundred people losing their jobs is a price worth paying if it means that we can get Brexit delivered.

What an insane world.

What has gone so terribly wrong that the pursuit of a fictitious non existent paradise is pursued relentlessly despite the evidence to the contrary by people who will say anything, do anything to show off their Brexit credentials?

Who is pulling their strings?

For three years the gods had been making us mad, but now they are tiring of this game and so with the inevitability of Christmas or a wet bank holiday they will soon destroy us.

Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

And we must be mad.

And there are people, and there are elected politicians, who compete to tell the biggest lie, to spin a false narrative, in their desperate effort to convince the rest of us that Brexit, delivering Brexit, getting Brexit done is the only thing that matters. Delivering it will lead to the promised land. Apparently.

It’s the will of the people. All 52% of them. Apparently.

All of a sudden after years of austerity and cuts to public services, the two candidates are splashing money about like confetti at a society wedding. Each trying to out compete each other with the quantum of their bribes, thinking nothing of the consequences, or of the reckoning that will inevitably come.

But they will be alright. It is the rest of us that will suffer. The rest of us that will have to pick up the bill. Like we did when we had to bail out the bankers.

And still no-one can tell you or me what is so good about Brexit.

And while we squabble, argue and wreck the consensus that has kept us tolerant and civilised for the past fifty years the world is burning up, the ice sheets melting and the animal kingdom facing mass extinction.

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