The Bird Table

The wood pigeon sits on top of the thin metal pole from which the bird feeders are suspended. It sways under his weight. He looks around him with the edgy, jerky movements of the hunted.

He is right to be cautious as next doors cat spends quite a lot of time hunched under the bushes a few metres away.

Once the pigeon is satisfied that the cat is not there, he flies slightly away from the pole before flying back in to perch on the edge of the tray from which he begins to feed.

A starling tries to join him and perches on the edge of the water bowl.

The two of them stare at each other but the pigeon is far too big so the staring settles for the fat balls.

A couple of sparrows perch on the feeders, but they are awkward and ill at ease.

There is a sudden flurry of activity and everyone flies away apart from the pigeon.

Was this a ruse by one of the smaller birds to unsettle the pigeon? I have seen blue tits, frustrated by sparrows, suddenly alarm call and then as everyone flies away the blue tits turn round and have the bird table to themselves.

The pigeon is unmoved and continues to feed.

Things quieten down for a bit, the robin, thinner than the robins in the nearby Hogshaw woods sits in one of the nearby bushes but does not eat, like the others he is wary of the cat, but perhaps respectful of the pigeon.

Eventually, the pigeon moves on and the robin grabs a couple of beak fulls before the sparrows, chattering and squabbling return and fights each other for the best position.

The robin retreats to the bushes and waits.

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