Sunday Stroll

A glorious Autumnal Day in Lightwood

It was just too beautiful a day to stay in, and even my weekly fix of Pienaar’s politics could not hold me. Lilly my Collie sensed the mood and was waiting by the front door, eager to be off and out. The Gabster, on the other hand, was curled up on my bed and had no intention of moving.

So I left her there.



Lightwood is a special site. At its heart is a decommissioned reservoir, which thanks to the foresight of Severn Trent and the intervention of local people, that has been allowed to “wild”.


The results have been astonishing. Within ten years nature has created a variety of habitats that are rich in plants, invertebrates and birds.

I watched a kestrel hunting over the acid grassland, whilst the woods were full of birdsong, chaffinch, robin, great tit and blackbird. A wagtail, with its bouncy flight, broke cover and flew down to hunt insects at the edge of one of the ponds.

We need many more Lightwoods if we are to reverse the decline in our wildlife, but Lightwoods shows that if we can set aside our desire to control and to manage, then nature has the answers.

Give her the chance and we will all be better for it.



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