Not so Green and Pleasant Land

The fields look more like the Savannah than the usually verdant Peak District. Everywhere is tinder dry and the pond that provides the sheep, cattle and I suspect much of the local wildlife their water, is now a muddy patch in the ground. Although the muddy patch has almost gone now.

It is hard to tell what impact the dry weather is having on things. The butterflies appear to be thriving and I have noticed that the Goldfinches and Wrens seem to be doing well.  The Meadow Pipits have been displaying again. Perhaps to raise the second brood, although as the fields were cut at the beginning of June, they and the skylarks may well have been unsuccessful with their first.

As for our larger mammals, it is rare to see a fox around here whatever the conditions, though quite often you can pick up the trace of their scent, especially early in the morning.

I have noticed that the brown hares seem to be doing well. I see one or two most mornings skirting the field edges, finding what little cover they can.

It was encouraging to see that there were three lapwings still in one of the fields. I did not get a chance to get a proper look as they flew off together and disappeared into a patch of nettles, but it is just possible that they were the two adults that I saw with a chick three or four weeks ago.

If so then that would be the first successful nest for some time.

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