Lots to see

The weather has been warm and sunny even here in the Peak District and it’s been a really good weekend for spotting wildlife.

I was walking the dogs in the cool of Saturday evening, not far from my home. It is a good spot, quiet which is good for my reactive dog Gabby. Lilly loves it because there are rabbits there and though she does not chase them she can dream.

But on Saturday, after only half an hour both of them wanted to go home, which was a little strange but I guess they were still hot. I was on the point of turning back when the Gabster perked up and began to take an interest in the long grass and scrub by the drystone wall. She is very observant, I assumed it was a rabbit.

Then she lunged forward as two weasels tumbled out of the undergrowth. One was a little bigger than the other, so I am guessing that it was a mum and her kit. For a few seconds, they were oblivious to us and the danger that the Gabster presented. I Β managed to hang on to her and the weasels spotted us and scurried back into the comparative safety of the long grass and undergrowth.

It was good to see them. I have seen adult weasels scurrying across the path before so it was good to see that they have had young. There are plenty of rabbits and small rodents about for them, but I guess their presence explains why the lapwings drop in in March and then seek somewhere else to nest and raise young.

Earlier in the day, two hobbies were hunting over the pond. I am not sure whether they were going for the swallows or perhaps dragons flies? They were there for some time, calling, darting and dashing about. One of the kestrels carried on hovering and ignoring them but they are quite a sight to see when they are hunting.

The swallows are still about, feeding and fuelling up for their long journey.

Three Buzzards took advantage of the warm air and used the thermals to gain height before drifting away over towards Tunstead. Apparently, there were six about earlier.

The Green Woodpeckers were out and about, and there is a flock of twenty goldfinches as well as rabbits and the occasional hare.

A cloud of red admirals rose from a bush as we passed by on our way back to the car, and there was a very strong whiff of fox which got the dogs interested again. But it really was time to go home.





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