The Will of the People?

It’s becoming an irritating mantra that the Brexiteers trot out every time their authority to take this country out of the EU is challenged. Apparently anyone who voted for the Tories or Labour is in favour of Brexit. This is yet another distortion of the reality. It was trotted out again on Question Time as a justification for continuing the Brexit process.

I am a Remainer, or a Remoaner as they like to call us. Interesting how quickly they have applied that label, considering Brexiteers spent 40 years undermining our membership of the Common Market and the EU,and demanding a referendum. Indeed their high priest of Brexit, the inelegant and sartorially challenged Nigel Farage said, before the vote on 23rd June last year, that if Leave lost the vote 48 to 52 then this would be unfinished business and he would be demanding a rerun. A neverendum.

But back to my point, I voted Labour. I voted Labour not because I supported Brexit or wanted this country to leave the EU, but because I wanted to ensure that the Tory candidate did not win. A Tory landslide would have been catastrophic for this country.

Because we have a voting system designed for the 19th century I had to vote tactically to ensure that my vote counted or had a chance of counting. Had we had a proportional representation voting system I could have voted for the party that offered a second referendum.

To claim me as a supporter for the catastrophic decision to leave the EU is clearly wrong and I know that I am not alone.

There will be much water to flow under the bridge before our position in Europe is finally settled. There will be many twists and turns and after the last year in politics we can expect the unexpected. But how things will turn out is impossible to predict. But politicians on all sides need to realise that there is no clear will of the people on this issue and to assume it is dangerous and wrong.

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