Its a Dogs life.

I never set an alarm. I don’t need to. I have as usual fallen asleep with the wireless on and I surface from sleep to the sounds of the shipping forecast. I roll over to see where Lilly the Collie is. She has moved from her basket, and crawled under the bed. She seems to prefer to sleep there. I reach down and stroke her back. Her tails wags and thumps the floor.

Hauling myself out of bed, I pick up my phone and find the Netcam app. Gabby is curled up in her basket downstairs and it all seems peaceful. I am tempted to go back to bed, but I know the dogs need to go out, and I have many things to do. I am on holiday after all.

The stairs creek a little as I pad down stairs. I carefully lift the folding chair that serves as a temporary barrier to keep Gabby in her place. They both need their space and Lilly has made my room hers. I kneel down and pat Gabby and tell her her name a few times. She looks up at me. She cannot wag her tail, it has been removed. But she seems happy to see me.

She follows me into the kitchen, always the optimist, but I am going to take her out straight away, as she has had a poorly tummy for a week and I don’t want to take any chances.

Getting her harness on is always a bit of a struggle. This morning she decides to lie down so I have to lift her up. No mean feat as she is a bit of a lump. I call Lilly to see if she wants to come but she has by now almost certainly got onto my bed, so I leave her and take Gabby out.

Gabby tries to block me as I struggle out of the door, and as I turn to lock it she pulls and I have to put my hand out to steady myself against the wall. We both rush for the gate, gabby winnujng by a short head. Ok that last bit was a joke. I make sure I go through first and then give her permission to follow. No honestly I do.

Today we take a different route. One that hopefully avoids the local cats, who seem to see Gabby as a sort of challenge. How close can they let her come to her before they bottle it and scamper. I am so tempted to give her just a little more slack, but resist the temptation as we both have a reputation to consider. So it’s a different route  this morning.

An early morning runner breezes past and thinks about stopping to stroke her, but the growling and the fact that she is now lunging towards him, changes his mind. I try to explain that she is a rescue dog to his disappearing back, but he is not interested in listening and continues on his wheezing way.

Gabby stops to sniff something interesting on the pavement. This is a good sign as she has started to show an interest in her surroundings.

Business done, we head for home. Lilly has decided to come down stairs, so I give Gabby a quick breakfast and take Lilly out for some Frisbee. Thirty minutes later and I am back in the kitchen trying to sort their proper breakfast. Lilly sits quietly and patiently under the table in the back room.

Gabby is trying to climb up on the kitchen tops, and then when she realises that she can’t she tries to trip me up, hoping I guess to get at the kibble that I would inevitably drop. I manage to hold her back and get her bowl on the floor, and grabbing Lilly’s dish I run out of the kitchen and place Lilly’s bowl on the floor in the back room.


Butter wouldn’t melt. Well it wouldn’t get a chance.

Lilly carefully sniffs it and then aware that I am staring at her, gives me the ‘don’t do that’ look, so I return to the kitchen and bump into Gabby who having finished hers is on route to have Lilly’s. I close the door just in time. She bangs into it and then looks at me with her special look. I ignore it and make a cup of coffee.

When Lilly has finished we are going to the Goyt and then when we get back we will all have toast and Marmite, but now I am hoping to enjoy my first cup of coffee of the morning. It’s 6.30am already. I feel knackered. I would quite like to go back to bed, I am on holiday after all.

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