Gabby Settling in

Its only four days since Gabby burst, bounded, and bounced into my life and of course the life of Lilly the Collie.

It seems longer, but in a good way.

She has settled in so well in many ways. She is good at night, sleeping the whole night through and being clean.

Above a few photos of the last few days.

She is not a greedy dog. Once she realised that she was not going to have to fight Lilly for food she calmed down and now takes her time.

She has been to help me collect my wildlife camera. She was very good and intrigued by all the smells and scents. She did not like going to the vets, but allowed herself to be poked and prodded. She is definately not fond of travelling in cars. We will need to work on that.

She seems to prefer women to men,  but she is fine with me. I’m not sure what that says about me?  If we see a group of people, she gets tense and wary, and she is not yet happy around other dogs, apart from Lilly.

The local cats had better watch out. Prancing about a couple of feet in front of her is fine and dandy when she is on a short lead and being held by me. But one day it will be a long lead and my grip might just slip and then, well then, it might be better not to be in range. She has quite a strong bounce, which would not do your average cat alot of good.

She and Lilly are getting on better. She is alittle more playful than Lilly who does not like being bounced from behind. But the baring of teeth and growling have diminshed.

She has her own soft toy and though it has been thrown around a bit it is still in one piece, not chewed or torn. She did take my washing for a drag across the floor and tried to rearrange the rugs on the floor, but at least she is making herself at home.

There is a long way to go, but she is doing well, and her English is a lot better than my Romanian.


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