Natural Selection and the Republican Party

The excellent article by Eliot Weinerger in the LRB (London Review of Books – They could have picked…28th July 2016) deals with those other Republican hopefuls for the nomination that Trump, insulted, ignored, abused, or climbed over to win. In other words the ones that lost.

He lists in greater or lesser detail their key beliefs. They all fall into the same category politically. Extreme right wing Christian Fundamentalists, except possibly Jeb Bush who doesn’t really seem to know what he believes, but thought that adopting that quizzical and slightly confused look, that his brother adopted, might get him through. It didn’t.

To a man they all denigrate and hate science. Climate change is a hoax, a conspiracy, and bad science. Darwin was possessed by the Devil when he worked out the theory of evolution, creationism should be taught as a science etc etc. You get the idea.

Ironically when asked how old the earth was, most of them declined to comment. They were not scientists after all as some of them pointed out. Its a strange question to ask a potential presidential candiate. Can you see Andrew Marr asking Jeremy Corbyn how old the earth is? Or questioning Theresa May about the length of the Geological Epochs?

They are all of course on the side of the NRA, and anti abortion. They are all waiting, eagerly, with bated breath for the end of the world. Far from wanting to delay this, like any normal person, they want to hasten it. They have that in common with religious extremists round the world.

This would be funny, in some other parallel world where an Obama or the Republican equivalent won the nomination. But in our world there was no ‘Obama’ just Thrump. And compared to the rest, well you can see why he won the nomination.

Will Thrump become President? Β It is looking more and more unlikely at the time of writing, indeed it seems possible that he may not even make it as far as the November election. Some senior republicans are seeking an alternative candidate, not to win the Presidency, but to protect republican seats in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

But the real question, Americans should be asking themselves is why in the worlds richest country is the choice for President so poor, so uninspiring and in the case of Thrump so risky and down right dangerous?

Obama was the exception. If you aren’t missing him already then you soon will be. Is it too late for a third term?

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