Change at the Top

I voted for David Cameron’s Conservative’s in 2010. Partly it was because of the vote blue get green promise, some of it was down to the evident failure and incompetence of Prime Minister Brown, and some of it was tribal. Apart from voting Green in a local election I had always voted Conservative.

Well the ‘vote blue get green’ was ditched with the words ‘we can forget all that green crap’, and in his way Cameron has been just as incompetent as Brown, a little luckier perhaps, that was until it all ran out two weeks ago.

As for the tribal, the Conservative obsession with repealing the Hunting Act put pay to that.

Apart from some socially liberal policies about gay marriage in the end he has been just another Tory in a grey suit, from a privileged back ground, playing with the lives and futures of the rest of us. His arrogant and unnecessary put down of Jeremy Corbyn’s sartorial inelegance summed up how out of touch he really was.

So he has gone, and good riddance.

It could have been so different for him. He had a chance in 2010.  He made the brave, and as far as the grandees in his party was concerned, unpopular decision, to go for a coalition.

He could have gone that little bit further and broken the mould of British politics. There was a chance to ditch the Eurosceptic wing of the Tory party and forge a centre socially liberal coalition of moderate conservatives and the liberal democrats. Perhaps this would have precipitated the break up of the Labour party, with some of them joining the Coalition. Who knows. He chose not to go that way.

He chose to go the other way and placate his right wing with a referendum on Europe. It was a gamble to far, and as he scuttles off to his house in the country the rest of us are left to deal with the uncertainty and the consequences of his rash decision.

The future is of course uncertain. Teresa May has inherited a poison chalice and one slip, one deviation from the path towards leaving Europe and the Tory party will turn on her and she will be returning to Maidenhead to sit and stare at her large collection of shoes.

She has one big slice of luck, one great big opportunity. For the next two months and potentially longer, the Labour party will be out of commission as it struggles to avoid civil war over its leadership battles.

Will she try and circumvent the five year parliamentary term and call a snap election? Will she try and delay Brexit? What will she do about the potential breakup of the United Kingdom?

We live in interesting times.

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