Theresa May and the Environment

So we have a new Prime Minister. Crowned when the loathsome Leadsome pulled out, not, as she tried to make out, for the good of the country and the party but more likely because her gaff strewn first few days of campaigning made her unacceptable and unelectable to the Tory Grandees.

So what is the new PM’s views on the environment?

Well we know that she is in favour of the repeal of the Hunting Act, though whether that is from genuine conviction or to garner votes from the Shires we don’t know.

If you examine her voting record on environmental issues a pattern emerges; she voted in favour of the badger cull as a method of controlling Bovine TB. One presumes therefore that there will be little change to Tory policy there.

Her record on Climate Change is worth repeating. A selection from the website shows how she voted on a number of climate change related issues.

On 28 Oct 2008:
Theresa May voted yes on Climate Change Bill — Third Reading (and other amendments)

On 3 Jun 2013:
Theresa May voted not to exempt electricity generation plants using carbon capture and storage technology from annual carbon dioxide emissions limits during a commissioning and proving period of up to three years.

On 14 Jul 2015:
Theresa May voted to apply the tax on non-domestic electricity supplies known as the climate change levy to electricity generated from renewable sources.

On 14 Mar 2016:
Theresa May voted against requiring a strategy for carbon capture and storage for the energy industry.

On 14 Mar 2016:
Theresa May voted against setting a decarbonisation target for the UK within six months of June 2016 and to review it annually thereafter.

Patchy, but it appears that her position has hardened against measures that seek to reduce or monitor Climate Change in the last few years.

So what do we have so far?

Pro Badger Cull
Pro Fox Hunting
Ambivalent on climate change.

Significantly she has been absent on a number of votes, as she was during the recent Referendum.

I don’t hold out much hope that the environment will be safe in her hands. Will she keep the vile Truss? Or will she find some other anti environmentalist to implement the brief to tame and control the environment to make it safe for exploitation and profit?

We shall find out soon. But I don’t expect to be pleasantly surprised.

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