The Age of the Man in the Pub

One of the many issues that the referendum raised was the role that experts, or so called experts, play in our society. If after the narrow decision to leave the EU, to throw away forty years of friendship, experience, economic growth and influence has taught us anything, then surely it has to be that the role of experts in our society is on the way out.

Who needs them?

Well certainly not in the brave new post Brexit world we find ourselves in. Experts are a thing of the past. They are so European.

Welcome to the age of the man in the pub.

Feeling unwell in the middle of the night. No longer will you have to be fobbed off with calling NHS direct, no now you can call on a man in the pub. He knows things. Whatever your problem, medical, financial even marital, he will be able to supply an answer. Often one that he has heard from another man in another pub, but who is checking.

No more worrying about what your doctor, or consultant will tell you. No more need for a financial advisor. Erase your solicitors number from your phone , strike your accountant off the christmas card list. The man in the pub has the answer.

They are cheap, easy to find, and have plenty of time to give freely of their advice and wisdom, often expensively acquired over many years at the school of hard knocks or the university of life.

Be warned, the answer will almost inevitably be wrong. If its medical advice it could kill you, whereas financial and legal will, probably just leave you poorer. But you have the enormous satisfaction of sticking two fingers up to some expensively suited and booted so called expert.

And what does it matter that the advice is wrong? The man in the pub is not an expert and that is the thing. And there is always another man in another pub who can put you right. Or wrong.

The days of the expert are numbered. A bright new shiny dawn is just over the horizon. The man in the pub will be warming his hands on the piles of burning health and safety regulations. And you can get as close as you want.

Next week, “Throw away your globes, the earth is flat.”(Honest I overheard it. In a pub)

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