Decisions, Decisions

It seems that neither Remain or Leave are going to treat the British public like intelligent adults. This past week has seen both campaigns continue to throw, lies, dam lies and statistics about and engage in puerile finger jabbing hysterics.

And then of course there is the Blue on Blue rumpus. (I’m tempted to put ‘Blue on Blue rumpus’ into Google, but maybe I’ll save that for another blog.)

Both sides of the divided Tory party are fighting like cats in a sack, occasionally an MP from one side or the other pops his or her head out and explains that, ‘of course once the referendum is over we will heal the rifts and get on with screwing the country and making it even safer for our billionaire chums.’

And they probably will. Because they like power. For its own sake and the sake of their friends. And let’s be honest, if they weren’t MP’s then what would they be doing?

Unless of course the vote is very close in favour of Remain, or the unthinkable happens and the British people lulled into a false sense of security by the sun and the European Championships ignore the vote and Leave sneak it.

Then the world will end. The rivers will run red with blood and the streets will be filled with plagues of toads and frogs and dancing Telegraph and Daily Mail journalists. The sky will be rent apart and all will be doom and gloom.

Except it won’t

Because if Leave do win, then David Cameron will have to go and the rift in the Tory party will be so great, that not even the stench of power will get the lunatics back into the asylum.

There is then a chance, albeit a chance that we might end up with a wholesale change in the way we do politics. Voting reform, abolition of the House of Lords etc. etc. Parties that represent principles and are not lumbering coalitions seeking power at any cost.

There is a chance. But I fear it is a slim one.

The risks are high. And if the Tories managed to paper over their differences and heal their cracks, then we would have the worst of both worlds, out of Europe and a right wing government run by the lunatic fringe of the Tory Party.

As the day of the referendum gets closer, so the apathy intensifies. The football starts soon. The weather is set fair, and Glastonbury just around the corner. (OK so it’s going to rain very heavily) Large numbers of young people still haven’t registered to vote, and neither side has delivered the killer blow, the knockout punch, the one argument that actually clinches it one way or the other.

Perhaps there isn’t one.

Whatever your views, if you have a vote use it. It’s too important an issue. Don’t wake up on Friday 24th June and wonder ‘How the fuck did that happen?’


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