Give Corbyn a chance, Labour have little to lose

As the establishment veer between mockery and panic over the possibility of a Jeremy Corbyn victory on 12th September, the rest of us look on with a mixture of mild amusement and anger at their arrogance.  For the record I am not a Labour party supporter so will play no part in the forthcoming leadership election. Nor do I consider it appropriate for me to pay £3 so that I can interfere with their election.

However I think a Jeremy Corbyn victory, would be good for the Labour party, good for the country and good for the political process. My analysis is that Labour lost the election in 2015 in part because they had a leader who just did not inspire anyone and who failed to set the record straight over Labours handling of the economy prior to 2010. But there was also a genuine fear that the SNP would hold a minority Labour government to ransom. A key number of voters, Labour voters defected to UKIP.  Add to that the Labour message, which was essentially ‘we’re like the Tories but a little bit nicer’ and it is not difficult to see why they lost.

A Corbyn victory will shake up the establishment. It will create a real choice in politics. It will challenge the status quo, and we will have a genuine debate about the future direction of travel for this country.  Corbyn may not remain leader to lead the Labour party in to the 2020 election. But if he wins he will shape their future philosophy. He has struck a chord with the disenfranchised and those weary of the same old grey politics. More important he offers a genuine chance of regaining Labour support in Scotland. That is vital if there is to be any possibility of a Labour election victory.

The other three as far as I can see offer nothing other than the tired old mantra that they were not Tory enough at the last election. They offer no vision for the majority who find life a struggle and the prospect of retirement scary. They have nothing new to offer, and say nothing that will re-engage with the 30% or so who do not vote.

So give Corbyn a chance. 2020 is already a mountain to climb for Labour. If they start an earthquake they may just make the summit that little bit more obtainable.

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