Skiving Off

It was going to be another lovely sunny spring day again. Well if there has to be a tangible benefit to being self-employed then deciding to take the day of has to be one of them, so after dashing off a few emails and a quick splash and dash for Lilly the Collie, I bundled her, my camera and bins into the car and set off for the Goyt.

I parked up and putting some water into my bag, Lilly and I set off across the stream and up onto the hillside. A couple of red admiral’s flitted by and Lilly insisted on stopping for a drink at one of the streams that was flowing off the hillside. I turned back to see where we had come and from just above the trees a peregrine flew into view and began to gain height over the valley before drifting away. A raven flew nearby and the peregrine getting its retaliation in first made a bee line for it and briefly they tussled before going off their separate ways. That was a good start I remarked to Lilly. She was sniffing suspiciously at a clump of moss and ignoring me. She pounced on it but whatever it was that she thought was hiding there had made good its escape.

It was warm and there was no wind not even a breeze, gentle or otherwise. I was glad that I had not worn my fleece. The path that we were taken was heavily rutted and despite the no cycling signs there was clear evidence of mountain bikes having used the path recently. Careful to stick to the path, we made good progress up and onto the open moor. We stopped and took a breather. Or rather to be precise, I stopped, so Lilly had to.

Lilly munched liver cake while I watched a kestrel rise up from the ground and then effortlessly hover and then circle and then hover again. I could hear but not see curlew and just as I was getting up to go heard the distinctive and slightly forlorn call of a golden plover.

A buzzard flapped low across the moor and glided down behind the hill and the skylarks were singing all around me. We set off back to the car and bumped into Ian and Sandra. We chatted for a while and put the world to rights, forgetting only to actually agree on the date of the revolution. Back at the carpark, families were gathering with picnics and things.  It was later than I had intended, and busy. Time to go home.

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