There was a time when it would me who blinked first when it came to suggesting that we abandoned our plans for a walk because of the weather. This time it was Malc. But we would still go to the pub for a beer to two and some lunch. But of course.  I agreed to pick him up in a couple of hours.  Lilly still need to go out, so we set of for Buxton Country Park and Grin Low woods. It is one of Lilly’s favourite walks, combining the opportunity to chase squirrels through the woods and then acres of windblown open space at the top to chase the ball. I rather cramped her style though, keeping her on the lead through the woods. She accepted this with all the good grace she could muster and got her revenge by doing her business on the steep banks that were next to the path, so that I spent some of the time chasing dog poo as it rolled down the slopes.

On the top, the rain and wind provided a bit of a challenge as the ball would be blown off course and Lilly confused for a second or two would run the other way. Much shouting and pointing from me was necessary to get her to find it.

I was late picking Malc up. This was because I relented in the way back through the woods and let Lilly off her lead. Normally she occupies herself by rolling the ball down the path and then chasing it and starting the process over and over again. This is tedious to watch and doubles the time it takes to get down, but it takes her mind off the little furry creatures that race and gambol about the woods. However this morning she got distracted. All she could think about was squirrels and how to catch them. Normally the squirrels have a fairly easy time of it, there are plenty of trees and low hanging branches for them to seek safety if Lilly gets a bit to close, but one of them had a very close shave indeed. Lilly got to within inches of its tail before the squirrel executed the squirrel equivalent of a hand brake turn and made it to a tree with Lilly still only feet behind it.

Back on the lead we made good time for the rest of the way. But the antics with the squirrels had left her muddy, and wet. So when we got home she needed a good rub down. So I was a little late picking Malcolm up. Not that he minded. He is an unflappable sort of guy is Malc. If the pub in which he was drinking caught fire and the alarm sounded to evacuate the building he would quietly and calmly finish his drink, and then make a dignified exit.

Dropping the car off and checking that Lilly was fed and watered, we set off into town for some lunch and a quiet drink. But that is another story.

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