Sunday morning stroll

There is no doubt that on a cold grey windy day, standing next to Solomon’s Temple preceded by a walk through Grin Woods is a great way to clear away the “cobwebs”. The wind tugs at the previous evenings excesses, and sends them tumbling away to be lost in the rough grass and rocky summit. The views are good to, on the days that the weather allows of course.

In the woods a flock of bramblings scatter, and a couple of large crows call raucously from the tops of the trees. Lilly my border collie, intent on herding the ball that I have rolled down the slope, ignores the squirrel that scampers up the nearest tree. She dashes after the ball and catches it in her mouth.

Below the temple she chases the ball that I have thrown for her, a couple of younger collies, both male, appear over the brow of the hill and rush towards her. She forgets about the ball, greeting the collies as only dogs can. The youngest, keep to try out his newly acquired virility tries to mount her. She is having none of this and once he crosses that line, she snarls at him and he backs off, cringing and making a fulsome apology for his forwardness.

They dash off to find their owner, and Lilly and I turn for home, the ball to be herded down the hill and back to the car, and my head cleared so that I can get on and ignore all the things that I need to do today.

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