Arbor Low Revisited

I watched the last sunset of the year from amongst the stones of Arbor Low. I used to do this every year but recently it fell out of favour as a way of seeing out the year. Don’t know why. Partly I guess it had something to do with the kids growing up and partly the increasing gap that was growing up between my wife and I. So I decided that this my first New Year as a single man again, would see the old tradition revived.

I think Lilly the Collie was a bit bemused to be standing with me amongst a pile of old stones watching the sun dip behind the clouds. The wind was bitingly cold to start with, there were no sheep and she had to stay on the lead. Well there was a sign that said so, and being English I tend to obey signs. Mostly.

Its a very calming place and I was surprised that I was the only one there. Its quite a thought to think that people have lived, farmed, celebrated, traded, hunted, just passed by Β and worshipped what ever God happened to be flavour of the month there probably since close to the end of the last ice age some fourteen thousand years ago.

Anyway I have paid my respects to 2013. Its not been a great year but it has ended with the hint of a better year to come, so I will hang on to that and look forward to it.

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