A Moan about Facebook

I am fed up with getting friend requests inviting me to play some stupid game, I have not asked for these please, don’t send them.

Don’t tell me that cancer is a bad thing and to agree I have to like the post. I know cancer is Β a bad thing but all the tea in china isn’t going to persuade me to like your post. Me liking your post does not determine my attitude to cancer or for that matter anything else that you deem worthy of wanting me to like.

Don’t tell me that if I am not proud of the Union Jack or the flag of St George then Β I should leave the country. I tend not to have pride in flags as they are usually couched in narrow minded nationalist twaddle. That and a rather distressing incident involving a cigarette lighter, the American flag, and a very irate American student.

But please keep the jingoistic, nationalist, anti European, racist, irreverent, witty, sad, poignant, down right Daily Mail inspired replies to my comments coming. I might even change my mind one day.

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