Birds they can be confusing!

I was minding my own business. Well actually I was listening to the Grand Prix on Radio 5 live. My mobile hums, its a text from the Weasel.

” Hi dad, just sitting on my roof soaking up the sun. A big bird has flown over, one of them cerlews (sic), you know the ones with the forked tails.x”

She mean’t a red kite.

“You mean a red kite. x” I texted back.

“Hahaha oh yes I knew it was something like that x”

Still this is progress. Her last attempt at bird watching resulted in the comment, “You know one of those black things with a yellow beak.”

I was going to text a picture of a curlew and a red kite, for educational purposes, but decided against it.

Still red kites in the centre of Leeds. Interesting. Made my Sunday. That and Vettel losing second place to Button.

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