Goyt revisited

Okay so its been a while since I’ve been to the Goyt Valley. But its still there and as there was a brief lull in the rain, I decided that Lilly and I would spend some of Saturday morning having a wander and watching the Curlews and Lapwings. Well we had a wander but apart from one solitary Curlew that flew overhead just as we were getting back to the car the Goyt was distinctly Curlewless. And now I mention it Lapwingless as well. The awful weather that we have been enduring must have made them decide to give up on 2012 and fly off back to the coasts early. In spite of the lack of Curlew we still had a good time. Lilly raced about chasing imaginary beasts in the woods and I plodded along in the mud wondering why I had left it so long to come back here.

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