What a Good Dog!

I don’t take Lilly to Monks Dale very often. Not because its remote and difficult to get through. Its just around the corner so to speak, if you allow for a little bit of down the valley and over the hill. Rabbits are the problem. There are lots of rabbits in Monks Dale and Lilly, a normally sensible, well mannered, considerate Collie, just can’t help herself. She goes mad dog and runs around here and there in a seemingly aimless fashion, deaf to my commands. It normally takes ten minutes to get it out of her system and then we have a proper walk, with lots of ball chasing and hide and seek and all the other things that people do with their dogs.
So this afternoon I braved Monks Dale again. I could sense the excitement as we left the car and headed for the stile. No sooner was she off the lead then she was off. We didn’t see any rabbits, but their scent must have been all around. Several times she disappeared into the woods only to emerge, tongue lolling, ears pricked leaping and racing across the hillside, searching for the elusive rabbits. Of course she calmed down after a while and then it was back to the ball. An hour later a happy but knackered Collie trotted by my side as we walked back to the car. What a good dog.

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