Merde! You fool.

For several months since they moved in, I have greeted our new neighbours with a Bonjour here and an au revoir there. I think I even ventured to comment on the weather in my clumsy school boy french.I have always kept it light and happy, wanting them to feel welcome and part of the little community that we have here. You know the sort. We exchange Christmas cards, vow to see more of each other during the year and then don’t. Anyway our neighbours have always smiled at me, and replied in English. They wave when ever they see us out and about, and were very understanding when Lilly the Collie decided to try out their front lawn as a toilet. Well they smiled and waved from their window as I went about the business of collecting Lilly’s offering. So I was a bit disappointed as you can imagine when a few days ago during an increasingly rare conversation with Mrs BW, I explained to her how nice I thought our French neighbours were, only for Mrs BW to look at me with that quizzical, slightly patronising look that she has, and reply, “You mean the Polish ones?”  

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