Not the Goyt

A confession. I have not been to the Goyt for a while. The main reason is that Lilly, our excitable Border Collie has a habit of chasing birds and rather than take her there and keep her on the lead all the time I decided that while there were nesting birds around it was better to stay away. So we have been exploring the dales nearer to home. Cunningdale is the banker. Its only a short walk from the house. Its a bit litter prone and there is a dull and boring walk through an industrial estate to get to it, but Lilly likes it. Apart that is when it is full of cows. She is not fond of cows. They don’t like to be herded and unlike sheep gang up on her, so if they are around she tends to hang around with me.

Woodale is another favourite. Depending on time we can either walk to it or take a short car journey. Usually its the latter because of work etc. Its bigger and deeper than Cunningdale and the wild flowers are better and more varied. The downside is the occasional mountain biker. I’ve nothing against Mountain Bikers, but Lilly does. She likes to round them up. This is not a good idea, so we have to keep an eye out for them and put her on the lead. Sadly it seems that Woodale has been selected for the route of the proposed cycle track to link to the Monsal trail. This will be a shame. It will mean that a tarmac path will be laid down the dale. It will get busier. There will be more litter. On Monday the Wiz and I took Lilly for a morning walk and watched a pair of Buzzards lazing around on the warm thermals. It was peaceful and quiet despite the A6 being half a mile away at the end of the dale. The cycle path will take this away. In fact it will ruin a lovely quiet place. Bloody planners!

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